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Hyde Vape Rebel Pro

Hyde Vape Rebel Pro

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The Hyde Rebel Pro Recharge

Your manhood might be soft, but your vape pen isn't. Hyde Vape Rebel Pro is here to rescue you from your soft vape pen with the upgraded vape pen that won't show signs of weakness even after a lot of use.

Textured grip - We give you an exclusive Hyde Vape grip for better holding. Extra large rubber grips make it easy to handle even with wet hands.
Battery Life - Last longer than all your friends' vape pens. Get 2x the battery life when compared to our original Rebel Pro.
Best Flavor - Borrowing from our Hyde Vape Vapor Herbal Series; all Rebel Pro Recharge Vapes were meticulously crafted to produce some of the best flavor out there.

Heavy Metal - When it comes to the quality of the Rebel Pro Recharge, you get what you pay for. We believe in making premium high-quality vapes and battery accessories that will last you a lifetime.
Tougher Than They Look - Take This to Your Grave is the name of our newest vape battery line and with good reason. We made them extra tough so they can withstand whatever it is you’re trying to vape.
Quick Charge - Get all the power of Hyde Vape juice, without having to wait.

Solid Grip - This Hyde vape pen comes with a smooth texture to make it easy to hold and use. No more slippery vaporizers.
Puff Count - The Hyde Vape Rebel Pro Recharge has a higher puff count than most vape pens. You can vape for longer with the Hyde Vape Rebel Pro Recharge.
No more Batteries - The Rebel Pro Recharge does not require batteries. It is rechargeable, so you can use it for longer without having to change the battery.

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Hyde Vape Rebel Pro 

The brand new Hyde Vape Rebel Pro is finally here to satisfy your craving for smoking. At Zmarksthespot, we are showcasing the latest Hyde Vape Rebel Pro device that contains tobacco-free nicotine. If you like the hit of nicotine but hate to smoke, we have a perfect solution. This vape is infused with a combination of tempting flavors and nicotine. For every tastebud, there is a different flavor presented by the brand i.e.

  • Strawberry Kiwi Guava
  • Strawberry Ice
  • Raspberry Watermelon
  • Lemon Ice Cream
  • Blue Razz Cloudz
  • Sour Apple Ice
  • Peach Lemonade
  • Philippine Mango
  • Fresh Vanilla
  • RainbowApricot Pear

These fruit flavors in rebel pro vape make it an ideal choice for everyone looking for a smoking alternative. The Hyde vape is a disposable device and comes with some interesting features that you will come to know below. For a personalized experience, Google us and visit the location of our smokeshop.

Powerful Features of Hyde Vape Rebel Pro 

  • In each Hyde vape device, you will get approximately 5000 puffs. Therefore, it can easily last for 3-4 weeks depending on your smoking habit. 
  • The vape device comes with an attractive gradient color range and a feasible anti-skid design. 
  • Each Hyde Vape Rebel Pro contains 5% of nicotine content. 
  • The vape is equipped with a draw-activated mechanism of fire igniting.
  • It comes with a big 600 mAh battery that easily last for the whole day. 
  • The Hyde Vape Rebel Pro is an ideal device for mobility because it comes with MicroUSB Type-C Port. Recharge the battery on the go with any charger or power bank.

Along with nicotine-dominant vape devices, we also have a Cake vape pen option in Delta 8 THC category. Contact a representative of our Smoke shop Diamond to know more about available all vape products of Hyde, Cake and other renowned brands.